Advanced Virtual Data Room Features for Deal Management

Virtual Data Room Features

100+ features designed exclusively for secure document sharing and enterprise collaboration.

Document Management

Drag & Drop File Upload

Start your brand new data room with one-click data population. Drag & Drop files and folders from your computer into the upload window. No plugins needed.

Save Time with Bulk Upload

Instantly upload documents to the data room. No limits for size or number of uploaded files. It takes a moment for the data room to finish uploading.

Upload Files in Any Format

Upload files in any of 25+ formats. No need to prepare files before download. Files are converted into a secure PDF format which can be viewed in any Internet browser, so no additional software is required.

Find files faster with labels

Labels serve a double purpose. They help categorize your documents and can be used as a search item. Use multiple labels to organize files in a way that meets your project needs.

Integrate with Windows Explorer

iDeals Sync application automates data uploading and downloading. Easily synchronize contents of your desktop, shared folder, FTP, or corporate file storage with your data room. It also connects the data room to enterprise content management systems.

Automatic Index numbering

Thousands of documents and folders are automatically numbered as you upload or move them. No need to create or update the data room index manually.

Full Text Search

Quickly find the information by entering keywords or applying multiple search filters. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) system searches for a word or a phrase in any document in your data room.

Virtual Data Room Features
Easily Manage Files & Folders

Upload, delete, merge, move, view, download, restore, and rename files and folders easily. Merge the content of several files into a single PDF file.

Document Security

Virtual Data Room Features
Built-in Redaction

Quickly redact text, image, or area of the document inside your virtual data room. Ensure all personally identifiable information and critical business data are protected.

Remote Shred

Document encryption on open and download controls the access to the file. Document access rights can be revoked even after the document has been downloaded.

Dynamic Watermarks

Enable automatic watermarks to appear on top of any document when it is viewed, printed or downloaded. Customize watermarks with user name, IP address, time and date of document access.

Secure Fence View

Protect confidential data against unsolicited viewing by enabling a restricted viewing mode. The user can only see the central part of the document while the rest is covered with a sliding barred screen.

Granular Document Permissions

Specify detailed access policies for each document and folder in the data room. There are eight levels of document permissions: Fence View, View, Download Encrypted PDF, Print, Download PDF, Download Original, and Upload.

Secure Spreadsheet Viewer

Unique iDeals Spreadsheet Viewer allows viewing and analyzing Excel documents online in a secure way. iDeals Spreadsheet Viewer downloads, decrypts, sets watermarks and renders documents in any web browser not in PDF format, but in original secure Excel.

Ease of Use

No Plugins, No Java

View protected documents in their native format without plugins. No need to install any software or make downloads. No Java required.

Single Sign-on

Single login and password for all projects: no need to remember all your passwords and project names.

Mobile User Interface

View the virtual data room contents through a streamlined interface optimized for mobile devices.

Multilingual Access

Access a virtual data room in any of 14 Languages including English, German, Spanish, French, Dutch, Italian, Polish, Russian, Turkish, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Swedish and Korean.

Scroll-Through Viewer

Scroll through functionality allows you to simply go to the next document in a folder directly from the document you are currently looking at. This saves you a lot of time when you need to browse through hundreds of documents.

Virtual Data Room Features
iOS and Android Apps

Access the data room from virtually all devices and all platforms including Windows, Apple iOS and Android.

Access Security

Access Control and Expiration

Configure detailed security policies for password strength and user session duration. Set expiration dates for the file access.

Time and IP Access Restriction

Restrict access to the data room from certain IP addresses and during certain periods of time.

Granular User Permissions

Manage users' permissions for view, secure PDF download, print, download original document and editing based on user's role in the project.

Virtual Data Room Features
User Security Impersonation

Make sure that parties can only access the documents they need - see document access permissions from the perspective of any user.

Two-Factor Authentication

Two-step user identity verification requires a password and a single-use code from SMS or authenticator application installed to the user's mobile phone.

Mobile Device Management

Apply security features and control the accessibility of secure documents on users' mobile devices.

User Management

Virtual Data Room Features
Single or Bulk User Invitation

Quickly invite users one by one or bulk invite hundreds of users into your data room. Configure user's access to data room, sign-in security options, access to Q&A section and how often they receive new document upload notifications.

Set Detailed User Permissions

Set various levels of access to different users to enable easily traceable audit records and increase the data rooms integrity.

Set Excel Viewing Permissions

Choose one of two special View permissions for Excel files. View Excel with Formulas option allows users to see formulas in Excel documents. Excel without Formulas option makes formulas invisible for users.

Easy Group Setup

Easily manage hundreds of users by dividing them into groups with different levels of access to data room functions. To simplify the process of group creation we offer four pre-defined roles such as Full Administrators, Restricted Administrators, Collaboration Users, and Individual Users, complete with predefined sets of privileges.


Send emails about uploaded and deleted documents and set the frequency when users receive such notifications.


Virtual Data Room Features
Full Audit Trails

Maintain internal compliance by having access to audit trails that record every action in the data room.Choose a PDF, Excel or print friendly version of reports to use in meetings and presentations.

Activity dashboard

Get a continuous status update on your project. Our intuitive dashboard enables one-click data-driven decisions for effective deal management.

Color Coded Reports

Understand what's happening with your data room content at one glance. Colorful “heat map” reports display which groups are the most active and what sections of data room they are most interested in. This gives you an advantage in decision making.

Track User Behaviour

Investigate every user's action, including what they have searched for. Track document views, prints, and downloads. Every detail is tracked – you can even see how long the user has been viewing each page of the document precisely by second.


Virtual Data Room Features

During the answering process, users can submit answers-based comments, add quick references to the files in the data room, and attach documents to comments, improving the quality and accuracy of the responses. Users assigned to answer the questions can communicate privately, and the discussion is segregated only to the relevant members collaborating on their answer side.


According to the question-based category, answers are assigned directly to experts without the need to route them manually. The answers coordinators can easily reassign experts and modify the workflow if and when needed. When the experts receive the questions, the question submitters’ PII is not disclosed, and their responses immediately route back to the answers coordinators.


Centralize all the communication within the virtual data room. The module offers the same security and reliability that you experience with the VDR. While you can track everything and access insightful reports that ensure compliance, the confidential details of companies and people collaborating are never disclosed unless you need them to be.


Import and export multiple questions in bulk from Excel to and from the virtual data room, saving time and reducing the possibility of mistakes. The bulk process also allows for quick category, priority, and status updates.


Customize and automate the communication flow according to the deal or project requirements. While you can track all actions and messages, the questions and answers are automatically routed to the right users. The workflow aligns with the different available roles: question drafter, question submitter, answer coordinator, expert, and answer approver.


The intuitive layout makes the module setup, new users’ training, and communication workflow faster. The design is made to improve organization, ensure real-time tracking and facilitate access to multiple users.

Virtual Data Room Features
Customize Look & Feel

Add your company branding to create a familiar collaboration workspace. Upload your logo, adjust theme colors, and customize the invitation email.

Customize Watermarks

You can configure how watermarks are displayed: upon viewing, download or printing. Watermarks may be customized with your choice of pattern and color.

Apply Language Settings

Enable automatic translation of the data room index to 90 languages.

Define Terms of Access

Specify your own terms and conditions of use, NDA, and confidentiality agreement. Define how frequently users must accepts the terms of use: on their first login only or on each login.

Customize Header and Footer

Display custom headers and footers on documents that may be printed or downloaded as PDFs. Customize header and footer content, font size and colors.

Corporate Single Sign-On Authentication
Additional access security and compliance

Depend on a trusted service to authenticate corporate users and authorize their access to sensitive data by integrating iDeals VDR with your corporate identity provider for single sign-on (SSO).

Faster access

Allow corporate users to seamlessly log into the VDR without entering or even creating credentials for iDeals.

Cost efficiency

Reduce IT costs by eliminating the need to manage multiple user accounts and recover lost passwords.

Learn more about iDeals Single Sign-On Integrations

Multi-project management

Set the default settings

Define your compliance, security, and branding standards with new customizable project settings, speeding up future project creation.

Centralized user management

View and delete participants across all projects effortlessly. Control user access levels with ease and increase project security.

User info cards

View detailed information on a participant. This includes their preferred language and last sign-in, as well as a list of projects in which the user participates (including their group and access to the particular project).

Projects overview

Easily view all projects in one place. Whether it’s a quick check of a project’s status, your users and admins, or your data usage, get the info you need across multiple projects all at once.

Security Compliance

Virtual Data Room Features Virtual Data Room Features
ISO27001 Certified

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 27001:2013 is the international security standard used to benchmark the protection of sensitive data. Our certification process encompassed organizational security policies, personnel security, physical and environmental security, systems and network security, and business continuity management. Download certificate

SOC2 Compliant

SOC2 reporting assures adequate control systems in place to safeguard their data and information. SOC 2 certification confirms that iDeals has all of the best internal practices in place to verify security, availability and privacy.

Data Center Security

iDeals uses multiple data centers which employ physical security, biometric entry authentication systems, and multiple layers of surveillance.

Best R&D Practices

Our in-house R&D team keeps our technology one step ahead of the latest industry benchmarks. Our efforts to innovate are unparalleled in the financial communications business. Software development methods and processes are regularly updated to comply with the latest international practices such as Microsoft Secure Development Lifecycle and OWASP. Application security is regularly assessed by independent experts to maintain high levels of reliability.

Speed & Availability

Virtual Data Room Features
Increased Speed

Multiple geographically remote data centers increase data transfer speed up to industry-leading 200 mBps. Data center proximity optimizes file upload and download speed up to 10 times.

Industry-Leading 99.95% Uptime

Redundant design of infrastructure components delivers a highly resilient and secure environment that guarantees 99.95% uptime.

No Maintenance Windows

Thousands of enterprises worldwide rely on iDeals virtual data rooms to access their business-critical documents. With this in mind, we designed our data room service so that it never shuts down for maintenance purposes.