iDeals Virtual Data Room for Real Estate

Virtual Data Room for Real Estate

Increase the efficiency and security of your next real estate projects with iDeals virtual data room.

Virtual Data Room for Real Estate Project Management Virtual Data Room for Real Estate Project Management

Easy real estate project management

Advisory services, appraisals, property exchanges, and sales facilitation are just a few of the many tasks real estate professionals regularly deal with. These fundamental and confidential processes require thorough due diligence and the right technology to improve them. iDeals is a data room provider that has been globally awarded for helping companies manage projects efficiently and facilitate the execution of their real estate transactions. The real estate deal room is an excellent solution for performing due diligence and completing real estate deals faster and more securely. It allows real estate firms to:

  • Manage documents and all real estate projects in one secure place
  • Store confidential data without worrying about data leakage
  • Share sensitive information with clients and partners
  • Track multiple projects simultaneously
  • Review documents anywhere and anytime

Real Estate Due Diligence Documents Real Estate Due Diligence Documents

Real estate due diligence documents

There are some specific documents that need to be uploaded to the real estate deal room for real estate management and auditing.

To help professionals during the documents' handling, we offer a free data room checklist with default real estate settings to start the process of real estate due diligence straight away.

The checklist includes the following:

  • Acquisition documents
  • Regulatory documents
  • Internal procedures and reporting
  • Tenant and lease matters
  • Financial matters
  • Title, survey, and zoning matters
  • Litigation

These documents can be uploaded to an iDeals real estate data room with just a few clicks using the drag-n-drop and bulk upload features.


The iDeals real estate deal room is designed as a collaboration tool for the most traditional real estate dealings, such as:

Asset management

Exchanging confidential documents such as asset portfolios between property or asset managers for reviewing files in real-time and keeping track of financial matters.

Portfolio management

Sharing real estate portfolios with partners for making strategic decisions and diversifying investment risks.

Investor communications

Interacting with institutional investors for reviewing financial performance matters.

Board communications

Exchanging information securely between the members of the board of directors.

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Virtual Data Room for Real Estate Tours Virtual Data Room for Real Estate Tours

Virtual data rooms for real estate tours

Video tours are now a modern trend in the real estate industry. They give potential buyers the ability to see everything they need via video tours and help to save time and effort.

In the iDeals real estate deal room, you can attach your video presentation to other real estate documents, so your buyers can access all the necessary information together.

Real Estate Due Diligence and Construction Documents Real Estate Due Diligence and Construction Documents

Construction documents

Other important due diligence documents, such as engineering plans or design and construction documents, also require careful inspection.

Instead of providing printed copies, you can upload digital versions of engineering documents such as AutoCAD or CorelDRAW files to iDeals real estate data room.

Virtual Data Room for Real Estate Communication Virtual Data Room for Real Estate Communication


There are usually many advisors involved on a project, either on the buyer's or seller's side, it's extremely important to have a convenient communication process between various groups of users.

In our built-in Question and Answer (Q&A) section, people can engage in multi-level conversations depending on workflow customization and categorization. For instance, some users might only be allowed to read answers, while others would be able to communicate and propose questions to particular individuals or with everyone invited.

It's also an option for some real estate data room members to act as Q&A coordinators, managing conversation flow and helping allocate questions to the most relevant specialists. The confidential data from users and companies collaborating is never disclosed, allowing for a highly secure communication flow.

Real Estate Due Diligence Access Management Real Estate Due Diligence Access Management

Access management

Security has always been among the top concerns during the real estate deal management process.

iDeals offers granular permissions and different security features to ensure an extremely controlled environment and eliminate the possibility of data leakage,

  • Two-factor authentication. Verify users by enabling 2FA so that they have to enter a password and a one-time code sent to their phone.
  • IP access restriction. Restrict a user's access to the VDR from a specific IP address.
  • Granular permissions. Provide access to confidential information using the eight levels of document permissions.
  • Reports. Have complete control over user activity by receiving detailed reports on who viewed what files, when they viewed them, and for how long.

Our flexible approach to secure access management allows real estate professionals to ensure the integrity of the due diligence process. Learn more about distinguished iDeals virtual data room solutions and features here.