iDeals SSO integrations for secure corporate authentication

Corporate Authentication in iDeals

iDeals Single Sign-On Integrations
iDeals Single Sign-On Integrations

One-Click Access to iDeals VDR with
Single Sign-On Integration

Tie iDeals Virtual Data Rooms to your SAML identity provider for Single Sign-On (SSO):

  • Easily manage iDeals accounts via a corporate identity service.
  • Eliminate the need to deal with multiple passwords.
  • Enable the corporate users to instantly access VDR files from shared links without logging into iDeals.

Benefits of iDeals SSO Integrations:

Streamlined access

Eligible enterprise employees automatically receive access to all projects in the VDR with the the same set of credentials they use across all SSO-connected services.

Saving time

Once logged into the identity service, a user can instantly access the VDR by following a shared link to a document, folder, etc.

Additional access security and compliance

Restrictions to access the VDR from the outside of the corporate network depend on identity service’s configurations so as to comply with the company’s authentication policy.

Cost efficiency

SSO lets enterprises cut down on recovering lost passwords and reduce the time it takes their users to log into data room platform.

iDeals Single Sign-On Integrations

Enhanced protection of iDeals accounts

Absence of iDeals passwords eliminates the possibility of password breaches or thefts and ultimately prevents unauthorized access.

Centralized identity management

SSO administrator has absolute control over all enterprise identities and can instantly grant, change or revoke access for any user in their software environment including the iDeals VDR.

Simple deployment

The iDeals technical team accounts for the entire process of implementing the integration for you.

How SSO Works Under the Hood

iDeals integrates with corporate identity providers via SAML 2.0 or WS-Federation protocol.

  1. 1 iDeals redirects user to IDP for authentification
  2. 2 IDP authenticates user
  3. 3 After authentification identity provider redirects user to iDeals and sends authentication token
  4. 4 User is logged into iDeals

*SAML protocol uses standard cryptography and digital signatures to pass a secure sign-in token from an identity provider of your choice to iDeals without affecting security.

iDeals SSO Supports Most Popular Identity Providers:

Google Workspace
Azure AD
Azure AD
Ping Identity
Okta identity clouds
iDeals Single Sign-On Integrations
iDeals Single Sign-On Integrations

Three Simple Steps to Implement iDeals SSO Integration

Step 1. Check compatibility and subscription plan:

  • You employ identity provider which supports SAML 2.0 or WS-Federation protocol
  • You are subscribed to our Enterprise plan. If your subscription is not Enterprise, please contact your account manager to upgrade.

Step 2. Drop an email to with the following details:

  • Name of the identity provider you use;
  • Type of authentication (single or multi-factor and its type);
  • Preferred integration mode (exclusively via the identity provider or using both your provider and iDeals credentials for more access flexibility);
  • Your company email domains.

Step 3. Follow a simple setup instruction sent in a response email from our support experts.